20% of the population are considered Highly Sensitive. Are you?

Why are Highly Sensitive People more vulnerable to migraines, headaches and over stimulation?


"A highly sensitive person (HSP) is a term for those who are thought to have an increased or deeper central nervous system which causes sensitivity to physical, emotional, or social stimuli. This is also referred to as having Sensory Processing Sensitivity, or SPS for short. "

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Studies have shown that having a highly sensitive nervous system can increase the risk of migraines and headaches as well as other health issues such as anxiety, depression and sensory overload. There is a correlation between these issues because, in the case of an HSP, the issues develop from the deluge of data that floods the central nervous system. When our brains receive data from our senses, all of that data must be processed. Since HSPs receive more data quickly compared to other people, they need more time to manage and store this information. That process requires downtime and a break from data overload. Normally, the demands on an HSP are usually equal to a non HSP, however, a problem arises because an HSP will interpret more data in less time than a non HSP which then requires rest to store, assimilate and understand all of the input. A nine-to-five work schedule often does not work for an HSP because of sensory overload. Electronics are particularly difficult for an HSP because of how much stimuli they offer.


Habits that elevate adrenaline output can easily develop for HSPs and those who get migraines. This means that the body can get in the habit of needing adrenaline to stay alert and active, so the body creates situations where adrenaline will be released. This adrenaline release keeps the body in an ungrounded state of fight or flight. It will perpetuate the bad habits and consequently the head pain. A healthy routine is the best way out of this unhealthy pattern.


Environmental factors such as a friendly work situation, as well as lifestyle and habit changes can greatly help Highly Sensitive People thrive! Certain adjustments can help HSPs mentally, emotionally and physically. By following a good routine that supports the nervous system, an HSP can thrive and utilize the gift of having a central nervous system that can receive and process so much information. When the system is not overwhelmed with data, because there is sufficient relaxation, an HSP can produce outstanding results, often with less time and effort than people who are less sensitive. The benefits of a good daily routine are enormous for an HSP.



Real Migraine Solutions is dedicated to educating headache and migraine sufferers, but especially to treating Highly Sensitive People who deal with head pain. A person suffering from chronic migraines is likely to be an HSP. Being aware of the limitations, as well as the benefits that come with being and HSP, is immensely helpful in the healing process. All of the protocols offered by Real Migraine Solutions are designed to support the sensitive central nervous system of the HSP.

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