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Hi, I'm Diana

My life's calling is to help as many people as I can heal from migraine pain. A few years ago, my quality of life had deteriorated to the point of rock bottom. Nothing was working and modern medicine failed me. Through my journey and research I am now able to live migraine free. I want to help everyone that is suffering, like I was, to take their life back and heal from migraines and headaches for ever!

It all started when…

I healed myself of migraine headaches after suffering from them for my entire adult life—over 30 years. The most critical thing I learned on my healing journey is that a migraine is a call for help from the body. Giving the body what it needs will make that headache or migraine go away. Taking a painkiller does not provide what the body needs—and in fact those drugs can make the headache, and your health in general, worse. Those drugs do not address the causes of migraines and in many cases can make them worse or more frequent.

I had prescriptions for triptans and for opiate painkillers, and they were no longer working. My migraine frequency had increased to up to 25 migraine per month. They were debilitating enough to affect my ability to eat, sleep, see, stand up, drive a car, work, travel anywhere that required changes in altitude, and keep my eyes open. I had three options: suffer severely, die, or heal my body. I chose the latter. I turned to alternative treatments, alternative practitioners, and researched the causes of migraines. 

My healing journey took almost three years and happened in steps as I learned new things and found healthcare practitioners who helped me. As I healed and began to feel normal again, my prevalent thought became my passion to help the billion other people on planet Earth with migraines. I decided to write these books because my heart is full of compassion for anyone who has experienced this maddening disease. You don’t have to suffer! And you will be healthier as a result. 

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