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CEO, Founder, Coach 

is your health coach and healing touch provider. She will teach you how to stop a migraine when it happens and how to prevent them from reoccurring. Diana has been a health coach for the past seven years working with an international company before transitioning into her own coaching practice. Diana has coached people, including the rich and famous, in many parts of the world. After healing herself from migraines, and feeling better in her 50’s than she had for 25 years, her passion became helping people heal from migraine dis-ease and gain a better quality of life. Meeting you, and helping you feel better, is a gift to her heart.



Travel Specialist

is your go to person for information about your travel to Kauai, including transportation upon arrival, getting your menu information to you, massages scheduled, therapy sessions, products supplied that you need for feeling well in Hawaii and helping make your stay more enjoyable. Shari has experienced migraines, although for only a short time, she understands what to do to prevent migraines and stop them. She is a great support and resource for you with the added benefit of understanding your pain.




is your chef during your retreat. You will enjoy beautifully prepared meals and snacks to keep you nourished and satisfied, all created by our lovely Chef Shannon who prepares all of your meals with love.




At our retreat we offer an apprentice program where we train a health practitioner on our techniques so they can take our methods into their practice and help others heal. They learn all of the methods we apply to minimizing migraine dis-ease. They learn from our team how to coach others as they support them in their healing journey.

Your joyful team is excited to meet you and support you into wellness. Let us take care of the details and show you how to be your best self and live your life to its fullest.



Quigong Instructor

is your qigong teacher, plant medicine expert and aromatherapy specialist. Eze is a natural healer. He will assist you in your healing journey on many levels. Eze studied the healing properties of plants with multiple renowned teachers. He has learned the innate healing abilities of the body and how to tap into that power. Eze has an online practice with clients from around the globe. He offers ongoing support for your healing journey when you leave Kauai.



Video Editer

creates our testimonials and retreat videos. You will receive a video of your retreat experience within a few weeks after your stay.



is your massage team. Amy has a crew of highly experienced massage specialist with many different style available. Locations include private room, on the beach or other locations in nature. Your weekly massage will be one of the many highlights of your stay.



Aloha and love from the beautiful island of Kauai, the ultimate nurturing place to heal your body, mind and soul.

Are you ready to finally end the debilitating cycle of migraines? Are you ready to raise your wellness to a new level? Come to Kauai, our Island Paradise. Come to our Migraine Healing Retreat.

Reward yourself with the healing gift that you so greatly deserve.


Immerse yourself in the essence of our Retreat and find it:

  • Calming

  • Supportive

  • Nurturing

  • Kind

  • Gentle

  • Informative

  • Experiential

  • Enlightening

  • Uplifting

  • Healing

  • Expanding

  • Transformative


What is a migraine healing retreat?  

Our Retreat is the place where you receive tremendous focus and love from our team who is fully present with you as we pamper you, listen to you, support you and teach you how to break out of the migraine cycle that is hurting the quality of your life.


You stay in a beautiful Kauai home or condo where all your needs are met. Your meals and snacks are provided. Many meals are prepared for you. Cooking classes are offered so you can learn to make delicious meals that are geared to support and heal you.


Massage is provided weekly, as well as yoga and qigong classes. Guided meditations, sound healing, and aromatherapy are introduced as well as breathing instruction and techniques to calm the nervous system. Craniosacral work is available for those who need it. Ocean, beach and walks in spectacular, natural surroundings are daily opportunities.


Gratitude journals are provided, along with a workbook to track all of your progress. Also included are two books on healing from migraines. Additionally, you will receive access to an online course that you can follow during and after your retreat. This will keep you on track for the high-quality life you deserve.


We also connect you with others who are on this journey. You can be part of the buddy program afterwards for added support and understanding.


Migraines impact every part of you: physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Migraines can challenge your will and break down your spirit. Here at the Retreat, we address all levels that impact your overall health. We help you to enjoy life to its fullest.


Many of our team members have had migraine issues. They have learned how to avoid them and how to stop them. We know firsthand what you are going through, therefor we understand what your needs are. You are not alone! One billion people suffer from migraine attacks regularly. Come seek the answers that will make a huge difference in your life.


Why come to a retreat?

  • Reprieve from the challenges of normal life.

  • To receive love, hope for recovery and feelings of joy about life.

  • To meet people who have healed and are doing well.

  • To be heard and understood.

  • To learn how to understand and hear the messages of your body.

  • To connect with others who care.

  • To experience relief from pain.

  • To learn more self-awareness

  • To learn important self-care activities

  • To rest

  • To receive pampering and learn how to pamper yourself


What is Included in the Retreat?

  • Powerful healing touch

  • Qigong class

  • Yoga classes

  • Guided meditation as well as instruction on how to meditate.

  • Self-care classes

  • Craniosacral sessions if needed.

  • Aromatherapy sessions

  • Sound healing

  • Outings to the beach, swimming in the ocean, hiking, visiting places on the island like farmer’s market, sacred sites and more with transportation included

  • Video of your Hawaii retreat

  • Photos

  • Coaching to improve the quality of life with a lot less pain

  • All arrangements made for you

  • Your accommodations

  • Food and meal preparation

  • Cooking classes

  • Follow up coaching for two additional months

  • Online course with everything you have learned and more

  • Workbook

  • Journal

  • Two books on healing from migraines

  • Live music

  • Opportunities to dance and play

The Essence of Our Protocol:

Healing from migraine is a personal journey which requires commitment and support. We are here to help you heal and regain your health. With compassion, kindness and experience in helping people heal from migraines, we show you how to break the pattern of the migraine cycle that taxes your nervous system. Healing and shifting patterns takes time and dedication to self-care while the nervous system and blood vessels mend and rebalance. During recovery you can reduce the frequency of your migraines, reduce the pain level as well as the length of the attacks. In the process, you gain more energy and overall wellbeing. Past participants feel better within weeks and continue to improve month after month. They also report having more vitality and feeling better than they have in many years.

Our protocol embraces a daily routine that gives the blood, blood vessels, liver and brain what it needs, including rest and resources. We use high-quality hydration and electrolytes plus we provide foods that keep blood viscosity low. Our day begins with a self-care routine, stretching, downtime for the mind and body, and a shift in perspective which allows you to slow down and take time for yourself. If you are in a pattern at home or work where you feel a lot of pressure and don’t have enough time to rest or take care of yourself, we will show you how to care for you and your body in a way that supports your nervous system and that gives you energy to accomplish what you need without taking you away from your responsibilities. We empower you to take your wellbeing into your own hands so you can enjoy your best quality of life.



How long is the retreat?

We offer four options:

  • A two week retreat

  • A one month retreat

  • A two-month retreat.


We recommend our one- or two-month retreats because the difference that can be made in 30 to 60 days is tremendous. We have clients who have gone from daily migraines to one per month in just two months and eventually they heal completely. For those with daily migraines, they will benefit the most from a two month stay. We can help you decide which retreat is best for you, depending on your symptoms and severity.  

We can offer packages that do not include accommodations for those who live on island or have family on island. When you use our accommodations, then the staff is at the location with you and that is where you benefit the most. We are happy to speak with you and see how we can facilitate your healing journey at a location that works for you.

Private One-on-One Retreats, please contact us at:

Applications are required. You can access our application here. We only can accept those dedicated to their own healing.

A luxury, all-inclusive two week migraine healing retreat cost $4,650 per week.

A luxury, all-inclusive one month migraine healing retreat is $4,500 per week.

A luxury, all-inclusive two month migraine healing retreat is $4,250 per week.

Here is a breakdown of how your retreat fee is allocated to expenses:

Accommodations are 25% to 40% Depending on available accommodations.

Food and preparation is 20%

Coaching, classes and hands on healing is 35%

Massage, Qigong, yoga, aromatherapy, sound healing, guided meditation and other classes are 15%-20%


Your options

Two Week Retreat

One Month Retreat

Two Month Retreat

Applications are required. You can access our application here. We only can accept those dedicated to their own healing.

Please call to find out the specific rates for the different retreats which range in price depending on accommodations.


A luxury healing retreat of Two Weeks is $7,000 plus housing of $2,500 to $3,700.

A luxury healing retreat of One Month is $13,000 plus housing of $5,000 to $7,500 per month depending on the available accommodations.

A luxury healing retreat of Two Months is $12,000  per month, plus housing of $5,000 to $7,500 per month.


Our team wants to let you know that whether you are able to enjoy a healing retreat with us or not, we have you in mind. Our team is dedicated to helping people heal and know how to enjoy a better quality life. We offer books, online courses and online coaching, online qigong and a You Tube community with informative video. Our services are available for your healing journey. Visit these links below for more details. Aloha from Kauai and we support your wellbeing with love and healing thoughts. We look forward to meeting you in person or online.


Retreat Dates Options for Two Weeks:

Sept 18 to October 2

October 3 to Oct 17

October 20 to Nov 3

November 4 to Nov 15

Feb 5 to Feb 19

Feb 21 to March 7


Retreat Dates Options for One Month:

Sept 18 to October 19 One

Oct 21 to November 21

Feb 5 to March 7

March 9 to April 8  


Retreat Dates Options for One Months:

Sept 18 to Nov 15

Feb 5 to April 8

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