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Find out what is causing your migraines and headaches


Real Stories


"Real Migraine Solutions totally changed how I think about my headaches. Now I know why I get different kinds of headaches and now I have the power to stop my headache and prevent a migraine quickly without taking pharmaceuticals"

Shari D. 

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Since reading her book, I have made some small changes to some of my dietary habits and even breathing control when I am faced with a stressful situation and I am honestly in disbelief that I have not had a migraine since. If you are among my fellow sufferers of migraines and you are looking for something to really help where other avenues have not brought you relief, I would highly recommend reading “stop, drop, roll, and smile”. I know you will be amazed by the results.

Aaron R.

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Simple, effective, and freeing!  This book does a masterful job of taking a complex issue and making it simple with real life results.  Whenever I get severe, or even mild headaches, it is so hard to think of what to do.  The stop, drop, roll, and smile is an effective way to remember and respond as soon as you feel the signs coming on.  Plus, this approach has a preventative aspect that has been decreasing the amount of headaches I get as I implement her suggestions. Thank you!

Jason P.


I'm a busy mom of 3 and have to keep going even when I feel I can't. I have only been doing the stop, drop, roll & smile protocols for a month and have had amazing success. In starting these, and really paying attention to my body and the signs, I have only had 2 bad headaches this month. For me, only one month in, that is wonderful and life changing.

Christina B.

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I am amazed by the results! After taking only part of the course I left work with a full-on migraine and nausea to come home and used this protocol to stop my migraine within 30 minutes and avoided a migraine attack. This course has helped me in so many ways and I am blown away that I know how to prevent a migraine. I am so thankful I found this program and I would recommend this program to anyone with headaches or migraines!

Karen W.


I’ve had chronic migraines almost 19 years.  The last 8 months my migraines changed from chronic to daily. I have looked for help from just about every specialist all over the world.  I’ve taken about every medication that has been indicated for migraine as well as other alternative treatments. When I found Diana’s program, I was desperate, but I was not well enough to implement her program on my own. So, I flew to Hawaii to live in her guest suite.  There are no words I can come up with that express how grateful I feel that I made the decision to come to Hawaii and learn what Diana did to heal herself and others, and now me, so I can live migraine free. In four weeks, Diana has taught me how I can live life so that I can be migraine free. She also taught me how to get rid of oncoming migraines while I am healing. I am no longer having daily migraines. I feel better than I have in years and I have only been here four weeks! 

Sandy P.

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