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Living a life you Love with out migraines...

Having the Freedom to do what ever you want...

No more days spent in a dark room...

Getting  Real Answers that doctors don't give you...

Solving the real problem - not just covering up the symptoms... 

Live a life with No More Migraines...

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Healing From Migraines

Healing from chronic migraines or headaches is a journey.

There is no magic pill.

However, it is much easier than you may think! This 8 Week Course is a detailed

step-by-step manual on everything you need to know and exactly what you need to do to heal from migraines.


Sign up for my 8 Week No More Migraines Course. Take the Migraine Test to
identify the REAL Cause of your migraines


Go through the Course
based on your custom protocol. Follow the lessons and instructions. Track your progress with the custom journal entries


Implement your daily actions and new habits, and life-style changes to 
experience REAL results and live migraine free!

What  is Included


Private Access to the ONE-ON-ONE Student Group For Real Migraine Solutions - Interact Directly with Diana Anderson and Other Students for Critical Continual Support as you Implement the Lifestyle Changes Necessary for Pain-Free Living and Complete Healing.

Free Updates FOR LIFE on Everything From Real Migraine Solutions, Including the Newest and Best Methods for Pain-Free Living. As a BONUS to You and the People That You Care About, You Can Gift up to Two Friends or Family Access to the Program for 50% off With a Special Coupon Code.

STEP BY STEP Action Items Each Week to Get You Well. Learn Exactly What Causes YOUR Migraines and How to Stop Them. Learn How to Heal Your Nervous System, Liver and Blood Vessels.  Reduce the Pain and Frequency of Your Migraines within the First Week!

Detailed Video Walkthrough of Exactly How to Become Pain-Free and Get Your Energy, Enthusiasm and LIFE BACK.  You Will be Empowered with Knowledge and Provided with the Steps You Need to Take to be Completely Well From Migraines.

The SECRET HACK to Stop a Migraine Before it Starts, Including a List of All of the Early Warning Signs Your Body Gives You Before a Migraine is Coming. You Will Learn How Your Symtoms Are Clues to What is Causing Your Headache, and You Will Learn the Best Way to Treat Your Migraines According to the Symptoms.

Handy Reference Guides with Your Copies of Diana’s Books, Stop Drop Roll and Smile and The Migraine Protocol Which Will Help you Have Fast Easy Access to a Summary of All Important Information and the Detailed Protocols, Plus the Anatomy and Biology Behind Why we Have Migraines and How to Live MIGRAINE FREE!

Real Stories


"Real Migraine Solutions totally changed how I think about my headaches. Now I know why I get different kinds of headaches and now I have the power to stop my headache and prevent a migraine quickly without taking pharmaceuticals"

Shari D. 

example_what's included in the

Since reading her book, I have made some small changes to some of my dietary habits and even breathing control when I am faced with a stressful situation and I am honestly in disbelief that I have not had a migraine since. If you are among my fellow sufferers of migraines and you are looking for something to really help where other avenues have not brought you relief, I would highly recommend reading “stop, drop, roll, and smile”. I know you will be amazed by the results.

Aaron R.

Karen Westen.jpg

I am amazed by the results! After taking only part of the course I left work with a full-on migraine and nausea to come home and used this protocol to stop my migraine within 30 minutes and avoided a migraine attack. This course has helped me in so many ways and I am blown away that I know how to prevent a migraine. I am so thankful I found this program and I would recommend this program to anyone with headaches or migraines!

Karen W.

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Simple, effective, and freeing!  This book does a masterful job of taking a complex issue and making it simple with real life results.  Whenever I get severe, or even mild headaches, it is so hard to think of what to do.  The stop, drop, roll, and smile is an effective way to remember and respond as soon as you feel the signs coming on.  Plus, this approach has a preventative aspect that has been decreasing the amount of headaches I get as I implement her suggestions. Thank you!

Jason P.


I'm a busy mom of 3 and have to keep going even when I feel I can't. I have only been doing the stop, drop, roll & smile protocols for a month and have had amazing success. In starting these, and really paying attention to my body and the signs, I have only had 2 bad headaches this month. For me, only one month in, that is wonderful and life changing.

Christina B.


I’ve had chronic migraines almost 19 years.  The last 8 months my migraines changed from chronic to daily. I have looked for help from just about every specialist all over the world.  I’ve taken about every medication that has been indicated for migraine as well as other alternative treatments. When I found Diana’s program, I was desperate, but I was not well enough to implement her program on my own. So, I flew to Hawaii to live in her guest suite.  There are no words I can come up with that express how grateful I feel that I made the decision to come to Hawaii and learn what Diana did to heal herself and others, and now me, so I can live migraine free. In four weeks, Diana has taught me how I can live life so that I can be migraine free. She also taught me how to get rid of oncoming migraines while I am healing. I am no longer having daily migraines. I feel better than I have in years and I have only been here four weeks! 

Sandy P.


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Diana Anderson

Author, Speaker, Health & Wellness Coach

I have lived with chronic pain since I was a teenager which meant I was always on a constant search for pain relief. The medical community’s answer was medication, which perpetuated my condition and didn’t help much. I felt desperate and depressed as my symptoms worsened. There were many days I could not get out of bed, I couldn’t perform normal daily tasks and I could not enjoy life to its fullest. The idea of living migraine-free didn’t seem possible to me for a long time. After being hospitalized and having powerful prescription drugs fail to improve my condition over and over again, I finally took my health into my own hands and began my own extensive research and testing. I learned that my condition had compounded over many years due to numerous external and internal factors. I started to implement many new protocols into my life and found a permanent solution, including new daily habits and thoughts that were within my power to change and heal. I have healed from incapacitating migraines completely. I’m going to share with you methods to eliminate migraines that anyone can do, because the power to be migraine free begins and ends with you.

More About  Me

Was the VP of coaching for international health company pH360.
Taught workshops and coached other health coaches live and virtually around the world
Suffered from chronic migraines up to 25 days a month. Medical doctors has no answers for me and no matter how many tests I took I just got worse. It wasn't until I took my health into my owns has and found holistic answers that I was able to heal completely.
I've been migraine free for over 2 years!
Followed my dream to move to Hawaii and follow my passion of helping everyone I possibly can to live without migraine pain.

In The Course

Week #1 and #2

You will learn about what causes migraines and how to stop them in the early stages. I break it all down so you know what is happening in the body and why you get a migraine.

Week #3

You will learn how stress impacts the nervous system and can perpetuate or worsen a migraines and ways to alleviate stress and support the autonomic nervous system. This will help you if your migraines are impacted by stress, but it will also help you with all migraines because a migraine always triggers fight or flight response. You will also receive resources like relaxation videos, a product lists that safely takes away pain, stretches, and more.

Week #4

You will learn about the neck and proper spinal alignment as well as nourishment to the nerves from the cerebral spinal fluid. You receive strengthening exercises, physical therapy exercises, neck care, muscle relaxation products, pain management techniques, and much more. This will also benefit you when your migraines are related to stress because stress often causes neck tension.Week #4: you will learn about the neck and proper spinal alignment as well as nourishment to the nerves from the cerebral spinal fluid. You receive strengthening exercises, physical therapy exercises, neck care, muscle relaxation products, pain management techniques, and much more. This will also benefit you when your migraines are related to stress because stress often causes neck tension.

Week #5

You will learn about the Liver and how a sluggish liver affects hydration and the blood’s ability to carry oxygen and other nutrients. Also how the liver affect your body’s ability to store and uses minerals and glucose. You also receive a protocol about how to support the liver and reduce blood viscosity naturally.

Week #6

You learn about the blood vessels and how the drugs we take weaken the arteries and cause rebound headaches and headaches due to barometric pressure changes. This week will specifically help you if you have migraines during a storm or when you fly in an airplane. I will touch on this more at the end when I reveal secret number four.

Week #7

You will learn about how the hormones impact migraines and how to naturally balance the hormones to alleviate any future migraines. This week’s material will help you if you get migraines from your menstrual cycle or pre or post menopause because when estrogen levels drop, this affects serotonin levels which impacts blood flow to the brain.

Week #8

You will put it all into practice to get well and develop good habits to prevent all migraines and headaches. This week includes what you can do daily to reduce stress, support your liver, have the best health ever and become friends with your body. You receive handouts and cheat sheets that you can post next to your desk or on your fridge to remember what to do when you first have symptoms.

Real Migraine Solutions 8 Week Course Comes with a

30 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee!