Diana Anderson – Author/Health & Wellness Coach


During her first week of High School, Diana was in a serious car accident that sent her head through the passenger window. For many years she lived with chronic pain and eventually daily migraines, until she learned how to heal her bodyToday, she teaches others how to heal their body, mind, and emotions. 

Diana shares her experience and healing knowledge in her five books on health and well-being. She also teaches online workshops, has a website/blog, YouTube channel and offers online courses, and live retreats. She is dedicated to helping others heal and live a life free of pain.

Diana’s background in coaching began when she worked as VP of Coaching for an International health company, ph360. While there, she coached many people to enjoy better health, including famous people. She then became an instructor for other coaches, and taught health coaches how to assist others to find well-being.

After working as a health coach, she decided to use her health background to research and find everything she could on how to holistically heal herself from migraines on the physical, emotional, and mental level.  From her research and life-style changes, her migraines quickly decreased month after month until she became free from all migraine pain.

Now that she has being migraine free for 3 years, she uses her knowledge and coaching to teach people how to get well. Diana took what worked for her and several others and compiled all of that research and information into an online coaching program.  Her method is a personalized approach to the individuals’ underlying cause with holistic ways to provide the body what it needs to heal and stay migraine free.

Diana lives on the island of Kauai with some of her close family, and she enjoys visiting her family on the mainland. She loves to travel and enjoys outdoor activities such as snorkeling, hiking, kayaking, and generally spending time in nature, especially with her grandchildren.